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Physical Education in the US by John F. Kennedy [via Facebook]


Physical Education in the US by John F. Kennedy – Compare this with today!
Posted by Sergi Constance on Thursday, March 26, 2015


In the slow change is better than no change category:

On June 16, 2015, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced their decision to eliminate trans fat from food in the United States by 2018, with a gradual phase-out period beginning immediately.Take THAT, trans fat advocates! Hold on … are there any trans fat advocates? While some dislike government regulation of foods and nutrients, there isn’t much debate about trans fat health effects anymore.

This brings up a question … if we all know that trans fat is bad, why is it still a public and personal health issue? Well, it is true that trans fat consumption has dipped considerably, with blood levels dropping by 58% in the 2000s. But incremental consumption of industrially produced trans fat is incrementally harmful, and the National Academy of Science has concluded that there is no safe trans fat dose.

Source: The skinny on the trans fat ban – Blog |

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Powerlifting Meet Checklist

One thing that helps me avoid unnecessary stress heading into a powerlifting meet is know thing that I haven’t forgotten anything. Depending on how you lift, your list might look a little bit different but here’s what I pack (plus a few things for other styles of lifting). Let me […]