W5/Deload – Squats 1


  • warmups
  • 264.6 lbs x 5 reps (120kg)
  • 308.6 lbs x 3 reps (140)
  • 330.7 lbs x 1 reps (150)
  • 352.7 lbs x 1 reps (160)
  • 374.8 lbs x 1 reps (170)
  • 385.8 lbs x 1 reps (175)

Beltless & speedy, trying to get my feet set up right. The meet uses a monolift instead of a squat stand so I won’t be stepping back and need to start in the right place.

Chest-Supported Row

  • 45 lbs x 20 reps X3

rest-pause sets 10+3’s/2’s

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One thought on “W5/Deload – Squats

  • Sophia

    I love my bands. I can take my workout with me wheerver I go, be that Ethiopia, or New York City. There is something about knowing that you can workout and stay healthy no matter where life takes you. I use to travel for consulting and found the hassle of finding a decent gym in every new city a pain. I’ve also done some travel to remote parts of the world where there is no gym to be found, so these bands make my life a lot nicer.Thanks!-John