Meet report: 17 Wing Open


  • Went 8/9
  • 605KG total @ 90.3KG
  • 93KG, Open, IPF Raw

Programming and Prep

In the past I’ve done significant blocks of 531, GZCL, and Sheiko style training, and it’s only recently that I’ve switched back to 531. The shorter workouts let me step out from the office and get my training in during a lunch break, and lets me get home to my family (including a newborn). #Priorities. Anyway. Cut the last week (the “1+” week) out of the cycle, and replaced some backoff sets through the weeks beforehand with heavy “daily max” singles so I could get a good sense of what my 2nd & 3rd attempts should be. I aligned on hitting the lifts I’d missed in Fargo at the AAPF meet, and qualifying for Canadian Nationals. In the 93KG class, this means a total score of 605KG.

Meet Day

After my recent AAPF meet at 90KG, I haven’t put much extra weight back on so I wasn’t even slightly worried about making weight at 93KG for this contest. I hung out about 91-92 for the weeks leading in, and woke up light at 90-ish. Packed up breakfast and the last of my gear and headed down to the venue – only to find that the 17 Wing CFB building staff hadn’t unlocked a door for us yet. Weigh-ins were delayed by about 20 minutes while we all sat around on the grass outside – I napped on my yoga mat with my foam roller as a pillow.


Opened 200KG and hit it cleanly. Moved up to 212.5 (as I was planning on calling 225 for my 3rd), but side judges called it. There’s a standing joke that one particular judge flags everyone for depth; amusingly, that one particular judge passed it from the front. Instead of shooting for my original goal, I called 212.5 again and buried it; 3 whites.

At this point, I was basically tied with one person for the lead in 93’s. I think he hit 215.

Bench Press

Warmed up to 120KG. Opened 130KG and it felt great. Stuck to plan, and hit 140 and then 150KG for an all-time, any conditions PR. My close-competition missed his third bench, and I pulled ahead for about 5KG lead on him at this point.


“The contest doesn’t start until the bar hits the floor,” yadda yadda yadda. Warmed up to 200KG, then opened 220KG. I’ve had first deadlifts feel smooth and easy, but sadly this wasn’t it. It was slow off the floor and didn’t pick up speed. Called 235 for my second to be safe, and that’s already a few bumps higher than I’d hit in training in the recent past. Surprisingly it felt better than the first. At this point, other 93 was right behind me and had a history of blowing his 3rd deadlift attempts. Instead of worrying about beating him, I focused on the main goal of locking in my total – I called 242.5 to just hit 605. If he missed his, I’d win and qualify; if I called higher, I could win… but I’d risk both losing and failing to qualify if I screwed up. If we tied, I’d win on the bodyweight tie breaker, so he checked my call and submitted his 3rd to just edge me out. Turns out we both made it, and I was yelling for him to lock his out, even if it meant he beat me today.


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