My Designs

I’m a hobbyist gamer, interested in boardgames and RPGs – especially those on the more storygame end of the spectrum.


Adventurer and Troll

A two – player storytelling framework that focuses on trust and cooperation. It can be used to highlight themes of power imbalances and colonialism. Pay-what-you-want on DTRPG


A pocket-sized deck of cards to tell stories about people who escape the city to backpack, climb, or just get off the grid. sheets / individual cards (google docs)

New Best Friend

A solo creative activity with a dark twist. Inspired by some of the more insidious Monsterhearts skins like the Doppelganger and Cuckoo, the player journals and creates written & drawn art inspired by their unrequited muse.

Scenarios and supplements

Don’t Rest Your Head

Don’t Rest Your Hatter – an Alice in Wonderland setting drawing on the different takes on Wonderland from Lewis Carrol’s book to American McGee’s videogames.

Play Aides

Powered by the Apocalypse games

FATE games


Other games

  • Swords Without Master

Helper cards for Swords Without Master

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